Thoughts, reflections, projections and about me

Expression through music, performance and art is one of the greatest pleasure I have experienced in my existence.   Music, when performing, is freeing, uplifting and a source of truth in some way since it has the ability to lift you out of anything you are experiencing, all the self imposing issues of life and any distracting falsehoods wash away in the current of the music. Something truly pleasurable and I don’t know what I would do without it in my life.

There is nothing like seeing folks getting into the music you are playing, whether it is dancing or emotionally into it. The one thing performance requires is your heart and your entire attention, without it it just doesn’t translate. I’ve played in some places that didn’t speak English at all so the words in the music are lost and the one thing I tell myself it “pour your heart into its and they will get it” and this is recipe always translates as well as transcends.

Personal Outline

Todd Cecil is a traveling Musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist. A long time resident of Nashville TN and now located in Asheville North Carolina, Todd continues to perform with the band Dirt Yard Choir, Back South and solo shows. Todd has recorded 5 studio records: 3 solo records in Nashville, 1 with the band Back South and 1 with band Dirt Yard Choir…..all featuring his original songs and music.
Todd has toured extensively as a solo artist for the last decade, all over America and the last 8 years in Europe, with concentrations in France and Spain.