Todd Cecil is a traveling Musician, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist.  Performing out of Nashville TN and Asheville North Carolina, the music pulls from the musical heritage of the Southern American influences, From Deep Blues Slide Guitar to Americana Folk, to Piedmont and North Mississippi blues styles.  Todd is a long resident of Nashville TN and Asheville NC.

Todd 3 studio records, recorded in some of the top studios of the world, and 2 more full length records on the way,  One solo and one with the band Back South.

Todd has toured extensively as a solo artist for the last decade, all over America and the last 4 years in Europe, with concentrations in France and Spain.


Uplift and Inspire

“…Tunes to a positive note”

A Personal Change
I have been a musician for many years with three studio recorded albums, working out of Nashville, I have played shows all around the world.
My change came when I realized that art has such a strong influence on the world.  People would comment on how some of my music or performances have helped them in some way.   So I figured  – ‘What better thing to do with your music than to help the world in some way’.   It is a common belief that art is a reflection of society, but I think it is also evident that it goes both ways and Art in any form affects the world. Art and Music can change things and influence for the better.   Since art ( music ) has a strong influence on our lives and constantly flowing around us…what better thing to do with my music than use it as a tool to possibly make something better on an  individual level or for the world.


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