Todd Cecil & Dirt Yard Choir  ( formerly BACK SOUTH)



Back South / Dirt Yard Choir is a trio from Asheville North Carolina.

Dirt Yard Choir plays Appalachian Swamp Rock, ——a trio featuring ecletic drumming, phenominal harmonica playing, jaw harp, homemade cigar box guitars and the Mississippi HogLeg guitar/bass.
Dirt Yard Choir bridges many southern music styles ranging from Old Time and hints of Spiritual Gospel on the backbone of Rock and Blues.

The members of Dirt Yard Choir are Todd Cecil (cigar box guitar & the Mississippi HogLeg guitar/bass and songwriter) – a Nashville music-scene transplant, Mike Fore (Harmonica) – an uprooted Louisiana via South Carolina transplant and Scott Harte: (Drums, Washboard and Spoons) – an Up-North Down-South transplant.

Together the three make a monstrous sound with fun quirky live performances that is uniquely Appalachian.



Sasquatch Back South Mississippi Honey Bee Diggin' Deep Down in a Hole Get Along 45 Pallet on the Sacred Ground

J-Boy Coin & the Whisky Horn

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning



“I Shot My Baby With a BB Gun”


“The Dirt Yard Choir”


The Show at Tosco Music Party


“Mississippi Honey Bee” On YouTube


“Dirt Yard Choir” Jam by Day Christmas Jam- Jack of the Wood 2017


“Long Road Home” Jam by Day Christmas Jam- Jack of the Wood 2016


Live at The Double Door “Better Pick the Corn”

Live at the Grey Eagle – Asheville NC – “Pallet on the Sacred Ground”

Live at the Grey Eagle – Asheville NC “When the Levee Breaks”

Submitted clip from Jack of the Wood Asheville 2015

Back South & Dirt Yard Choir

21 Jarret Street
Asheville, NC 28806
(615) 463-8180

Would love to hear from you!!!!

    The Dirt Yard Choir song list:
    1. Mississippi Honey Bee
    2. Muddy Water
    3. Sasquatch
    4. Pallet on Sacred Ground
    5. Back South
    6. Train
    7. Old Tyme Religion
    8. Rooster
    9. Dark Rambler
    10. Hand to the Plow
    11. Diggin’ Deep Down in a Hole
    12. Alligator Moon
    13. Fire in the Kitchen
    14. 45
    15. Try