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The Dirt Yard Choir song list:
1. Mississippi Honey Bee
2. Muddy Water
3. Sasquatch
4. Pallet on Sacred Ground
5. Back South
6. Train
7. Old Tyme Religion
8. Rooster
9. Dark Rambler
10. Hand to the Plow
11. Diggin’ Deep Down in a Hole
12. Alligator Moon
13. Fire in the Kitchen
14. 45
15. Try

Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning

Get Along



J-Boy Coin & the Whisky Horn<p>



Lazy Susan

If You Blink

Just That Easy

Amazing Grace

Good Day


From Record ‘Distance of the Rose’

For Every Purchase a Donation is Made to ‘The Children’s Miracle Network”

Song List
Feelin’ Coming Over Me – A rock ballad written about the bridge in Taos New Mexico. My Trips to Taos had a profound effect on me and will probably always peak out in my art in one way or another.
Just That Easy – My first shot at having a horn on my music. Recorded with friends from down in Columbia and later tracked in the smallest room in Nashville….where i for some reason came up with some of my best ideas….nothing like tight spaces to get your mind working.
If You Blink (A Little Fun) – A very special song that seems to have magic where ever it is played. This song was recorded on a summer day in Nashvillle with Hank Williams, later owned by Johnny Cash, early 30’s Martin guitar. The guitar sounded beautiful and made the song come alive with it’s mojo.
Warm Fuzzy Feeling – Light-hearted and one my favs. This song is about that place inside us all that speaks to us and sometimes yells that everything is and always will be alright.
2 Second Love Affair – Recorded at the famous RCA Studio B there in Nashville with one my best friends……most folks can’t believe there is not a bass on this song.
It’s A Good Day – Fun with affects. This song was a challenge to record and peice together. For some reason it just kept wanting more and more on the production….so we rode it out and out and out….it turned out nice.
Amazing Grace – A one taker recorded with my ancient Ohau Lap steel from the 50’s.
Right by the Wrong Man – Not everything has to be deep Todd, so I wrote this on this on the lighter side. A simple little story about woman overcoming the man.
Southpaw the Brickwall – This song, believe it or not was written from Edgar Allen Poe’s Story of the The Cask of Amontillado – My version is a left handed fighter who falls in love, then bricks up his true love after fear got to him……guess there is a little bit of Othello in this one also.
Dandelion – A little song about a crush I shared a while back…it made for an interesting song I guess.
One Tear Shy of Saying Goodbye – One that started as a bluegrass song then this funk kinda version…..still live I love to play it blue g